Luxury Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Gold

Luxury Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Pearl White

سعر عادي 59 AED Sale price 45 AED

  • Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk Mask. Double silk layers. Grade 6A 22 momme the best quality silk. Premium stretchable silk. Light as a feather. All natural pure mulberry silk is the most skin-friendly fabric in the world. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Super-soft, super-smooth pure silk offers the breathable, cool and soothing feeling. Comfortable to wear in hot weather. Silk mask is hypoallergenic and is especially good for people with sensitive skin and have skin issues to other ordinary face masks.
  • Gorgeous 3D design to fit any face shapes and nose bridge. The silk mask is 23cm in length and 12cm in width. Adjustable ear loops increase the comfort.
  • Anti-aging. Pure silk forms a moisture barrier against the skin to hydrate the skin naturally and reduce the wrinkles around the nose and mouth caused by sun exposure.
  • Designed and made by fashion professionals with love and care. 
  • Color: Pearl white